GovtWiki is an initiative, of the Noble Jerusalemite House of Zabid, with a vision of expanding non-WWW digital platforms of Lord Zabid loyalists into World Wide Web (WWW) and other mainstream platforms on the Internet.

The Zabid peerage (also known as the Earl of Zabid and the Count of Zabid respectively, titled as the Lord Zabid and institutionalized as the Comital House of Zabid and the Noble Jerusalemite House of Zabid respectively) of the Mumahhid Family is the foremost peerage, of the Republic of Yemen, as recognized by the National Executive Assembly (Senate) of Yemen. The Monseigneur of Zabid is a corporation sole of the Lord Zabid under international law and within the paramount name of the Lord Zabid.

As an institution within the legal order of the Noble Jerusalemite Houses and bestowed upon the Murijite leader of the Rasulid Order, the Zabid peerage is distinct from other peerages in the international community (including peerages within the legal order of the European Union). 

By the Grace of God, His Eminence the Monseigneur Adib Murshed of Zabid presides over the Forest Policing Authority (FPA) of the Tasman Sea Advisory Board (TSAB) and enjoys permanent membership within the Board. His Eminence is also known as Nikephoros the Second of Phocid by Lord Zabid loyalists within the Eastern Orthodox Church.